lunes, 26 de enero de 2015


  By Mayra
What do you like about Australia most?
 Have you learnt something new in class today?
Happy Australia Day!!!

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  1. Alejandra López 5*B26 de enero de 2015, 8:24

    What I like the most is the animals.
    And I have learnt that the 25% of the Australian citizens are from other countrys.
    I love Australia!

  2. In Australia the thing I like is the animales especially the kangaroo and the koala.
    I have learned that 25% is people from another country.

  3. I liked how they have fun on the beach the most.
    I learnt many new things today and I think is very interesting to know about the Australia day.After watching this video I want to go to Australia and have a lot of fun.
    Thanks Cara for showing us the video and doing us the quiz.We love it!

  4. Happy Autraya day

    Mario P 5 A

  5. Alejandra Hdez Rico 5ºA26 de enero de 2015, 8:55

    I love the video and the activitie with Cara. Thank you :-)

  6. i like the most the barbecue they do on Australia´s day

  7. I like the word STRAYA is funny to say.I learnt a lot of Australia also I like the quiz ,I learnt that the beer is the most famous drik in Austalia .I also learnt they discobered Australia in the 26th of January 1788. HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  8. Claudia Almazán 5ºB26 de enero de 2015, 9:13

    I like how they do the barbacue.
    I learnt the names of some animals of Australia.I also learnt what they play in Australia
    and how they play it.It was supper fun learning from Australia.

  9. I like the quiz the most.
    I learnt a lot and I think it is interestig to learnt other cultures.
    I enjoed the class a lot!
    María Gómez 5ºa

  10. I Liked the most the Australian football,because I Like rugby.
    I learnet what is the weapon they use to hunt.

  11. I had a lot of fun watching these video. it`s beautifull.

  12. I wanted to visit AUTRALIA.
    I liked the video . It was very interesting.
    Happy day of Australia.

  13. Paula Vasallo 5ºA26 de enero de 2015, 10:07

    I learnt lots of things today and enjoyed a lot in this fantastic day too.
    I liked it because they ate barbecues and they go to the beach to have fun.

  14. I love the Australia Day. I love all the videos you saw to as.I love the quiz the most.Thanks cara and happy Australia day!

  15. I like the animals the most.
    I learnt many things about Australia and their customs. It was very interesting!

    Sara Gimenez 5 A

  16. María García 5ºB26 de enero de 2015, 10:30

    I love the dreamtime because I think is beautiful. Today I learn that the australians can eat kangaroo, (rare). I enjoy a lot on the day of Autralia!

  17. What I liked the most is the sport that they played.
    I learned that they eat kangaroo! I also like to eat kangaroo

  18. Manuel Torio Martinez 5ºB
    Thanks Cara for showing us a lot of tipical things of Austrlia today. I enjoyed the activity and learnd very much. I would like very much going to Australia beaches because I do siknboard in summer.

  19. What I liked the most are the animals of Australia, but the one that is my favourite is the koala.I have learned a lot of things, like there are more than four hundred groups of singers.
    Clara Sanz 5B

  20. Daniela Cortina 5ºB26 de enero de 2015, 12:48

    Daniela Cortina 5ºB

    I think Australia is very interesting. I like the people who were dancing with skirts the most. We enjoyed with the quiz and we liked the koalas that cara gave us. :) I learnt lots of things for example that Australia is the 6th biggest country in the world.
    Thanks Cara for staying with us and explain some things about Australia. ;)

  21. DIEGO MUÑOZ 5º A27 de enero de 2015, 7:49


  22. I like the animals the most
    I learn that they eat kangaroos
    Thanks Cara for showing as a lot of things

  23. What I liked the most was the dreamtime, I think they are amazing stories. Thanks Cara for the lesson. It was fantastic.

    Raiza León 5 º A

  24. What I liked the most are the animals of Australia, but the one that is my favourite is the koala.I learned a lot of things,like thereare more than four hundred groups of singers.HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Clara 5B

  25. I like the kangaroos the most. Thanks for Cara for have a fun class.

  26. I like kangaroos the most. Thanks for Cara for having a fantastic and funny class.

  27. CARMEN BALLESTEROS27 de enero de 2015, 11:43

    I love the video an the presentation with Cara :)
    I learnt meny things like in Australia the 25% of people ara from other country and is the 6th biggest cauntry in the world.

  28. I like the video . I want to visit Australiaaaaaa. I like the most the Australian football.

    HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Daniel Gómez Marín