viernes, 27 de septiembre de 2019


This week will be historic. In over 150 countries, people are stepping up to support young climate strikers and demand an end to the age of fossil fuels. The climate crisis won’t wait, so neither will we.
Young people have woken up much of the world with their powerful Fridays For Future school strikes for the climate.
 Now, millions of adults are joining.

CLIMATE CHANGE  matters, so find out more with newsround.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Where does the pollution that causes climate change come from?
What can happen if the Earth's temperature goes up too much?
What can we do to slow the rising of temperature?

By Marimí & Mayra

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  1. I think that we have to take care of our planet,and start using natural resources or going by public transport ,bike or walking.
    I also think it is good to strike every Friday (Fridays For Future) I admire Greta Thunberg
    One of Gretas favourites sentences is "NO ONE IS TO SMALL TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE".

  2. I think that we should protect the enviroment more and use more renewable energy such as solar energy.I think Denmark has to carey even more because Greenland is melting and belongs to them.Melting will cause because the sea level to rise and this can flood denmark and other countries such as Netherlands.
    Javier Magaña. 6B

  3. The polution that causes climate changes come from things like burning fossil fuels, such us oil, coal, gas...
    If Earth´s temperature goes up too much,see levels would rise, and could cause low line coastal areas and islands end up under water. Also, a third of all animals species could we wiped out.
    We could focus on using renewable types of energy like wind, solar and wave power and reducing energy waste.
    Clara 6ªB

  4. The problem of the pollution started in the Industrial Revolution. Humans started creating factories and machines to make lots of products quickly.

    If temperatures go up too much, the ice of the Artic and the Antartic will melt and islands and coasts will desapear. Ther will be more drought.

    To slow the raising of temperature: we can move by public transport, walking, riding your bike,...You can recicle, reduce and reuse too.

    Silvia 6°C

  5. I think is important to take care of the enviroment because we live on it we can change this by using cleaner energy sources.

  6. Hello,we are Inés H,Inés M and Elisa.
    1-Pollution that causes climate change came from burnig fossil fuel,such as coal and oil.
    2-If the Earth temperature goes up too much sea levels will rise and could cause low lines and coastal areas to end up.
    3-We can use more renewable energy.

  7. Where does the pollution that causes climate change come from?
    The pollution comes from burning fosil fuls such of coal and oil

    What can happen if the Earth's temperature goes up too much?
    Scientist´s say that if the Earth´s temperature rices isiands and animals could disappeare

    What can we do to slow the rising of temperature?
    We have to focace in renewable sources like wind solar and wave power

    JORDI 6ºB

  8. I'm worried about climate change. I think we will have to do many thinghs, not only the goverments.
    We should recycle, we should reduce the consume of plastics, we should try to go by foot or bike everywhere instead of by car. Moreover, the public transport sholud be electric and the heating should be electric also. I think the most important thing to stop climate change is stop the atmosphere pollution and all of us must contribute on it because this is save our planet.

  9. I think we should focus on more clean and renewable sources of energy such as wind, solar and wave power, also reducing other types of energy such as nuclear,carbon or petrol derive energy. If not the temperature will increase and the poles will melt.The sea level rise and a lot of islands will end under water.

  10. I think it is a very serious topic, I am really horrified about it and I think we have to do something now. I also think if we wait more it could be irremediable. I hope this will change in the future, and we will live in a better world.I also learnt new thing with the video for example
    that at least a third of animal species will be wipe out.I think thats horrible.I really enjoy the video.

  11. 1-Where does the pollution that causes climate change come from?
    It comes from burning fosil fuels(coal,oil,business and cars).That we use to power our homes.

    2-What can happen if the Earth's temperature goes up too much?
    Sea levels will rise and could cause low lines coastal and islands end up under water.Waves dags and storms more often become more severe.1/3 animal speaces could be wipe out.

    3-What can we do to stop the rising of temperature?
    Focousing on renewable types of energy like wind,solar,and wave power.Reducing energy waste.Clean energy sources.

  12. The pollution that causes climate change comes from burning fossil fuels such us oil,coal and gas.
    If the Earth´s temperature goes up too much, animals could be wipe out and storms, waves and droughts could happen more often and islands could end up flooded. To slow the rising temperatures we can reduce waste and focus on wind, solar energy and wave power.
    I have invented a slogan that maybe could help us to save the planet, the slogan is: PROTECT THE PLANET, PROTECT YOURSELF.

  13. I think that pollution that causes climate changes comes from the factories,cars,gasoline...
    If the earth goes to up of temerature the rivers lakes... will disapear and the poblation will decrease and thats bad.
    we can stop pollution and contamination because we have to look after the earth.I agree with Greta.

  14. 1-the pollution of air is one of the most important problem relacionated with the climate changes.This is because the current energy model.
    2-that the ocean will aumented and there would be extrem weather events.
    3-we could use public transports, save energy, eat less meat and reuse and reduce the water.
    Elena López 6c

  15. 1-The climate changes come from fossil duela that people Burns for business for homes...

    2- The de sea level Will go up, they Will be more storms and they Will be more series

    3- We can walk more and don't use a lot the car.

    Un some countries they are building clean energy sources.


  16. 1. The pollution comes from burning fossil fuels such us carbon and oil.
    2. If the temperature goes up, the sea level will rise, there will be more storms and
    the soil will dry.
    3. We can slow the rising temperature by using renovable types of energy such us wind
    and reducing energy waste.

  17. We are killing the planet because companies do nothing to savez the planet so, I think that is important to have people like Greta Thu berg that care about the planet

  18. The pollution is caused by burning non-renewable sources such as oil coal or different types of gases.
    This causes a lot of ilnessesin the population and it also causes ice to melt.this produces the sea to increase the level of water .
    We can stop pollution by using renewable sources, such as wind or solar power.We can travel to places that are close by bike. We could also travel to places that are far by electric cars.

  19. 1.-from coal and petroleoum that we always burn in homes and factories.

    2.-if we don´t reduce the temperature some species of animals will die,and the sea level will rise up and some islands will get flood.and the number of storms will increasewith more frecuency

    3.-reducing the factories,and instaling clean sources of energy such as solar panels.

    we have to work hard for our planet.Without planet we are all died

  20. I think that the climate change is bad for the enviroment because we are making many pollution de nada to put more renewable energy so that we pollute less

  21. 1. The gloval change comes from the duel that we burn for buissneses...
    2. The level of the sea wil rise , so some ilands could desapeared.
    3. What we can do is use some ransport that do not use not renuable
    sorces or walk

  22. Seth Perez
    1-The climate change is produced by the non-renewable energy that produces polution
    2-The sea level will go up, that means that the space on earth might be reduced by this.Also the world temperature will increase
    3-we should go walking and start using renewable energy, its more expensive? i better run out of money than kill the planet.One person wont do anything against climate change but... MILLIONS CAN! WE!will save the planet!

  23. we need to protect the planet
    we need to use more bike
    and less plastic
    maialen 6c

  24. We are destroying our planet,we have to start using remedies.And going by public transport or we will be giving our grain of sand.Do not use much plastic and use the three r:reduce,reuse and recycle.DIANA ALONSO 6*C

  25. I think that many things must change. For example the way we use the energy, new forms of energy or the transport. I hope we find a solution.
    The Biodiversity is very important

  26. Aaron Gonzalez 6B,30 de septiembre 2019
    I think that we need to be more responsible for the pollution because we are charging the planet.If the temperature increase the poles will melt and the sea levels will rise.
    We need to be more clean, use more Renewable sources such us wind, solar and wave power and recycle. Also we need to reduce the nuclear, carbon and petrol energy.